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About Our Students
Collaboration between cross-departments is a main focus of I-Path
Students from the Master’s of Public Health Program.
About the Loyola I-PATH Students
Our public health graduate students come from a broad spectrum of ethnic, geographical, and training backgrounds. Their experince ranges from student to professional; some of our students are practicing nurses and doctors. These students are studying core disciplines of nursing, public health, bioethics and dietetics. Diversity in our students translates to a wide-ranging perspective, which offers a wonderful think tank ready to be tapped and used to bring fresh outlook on the challenges of today’s healthcare landscape, especially when it comes to multiple chronic conditions (MCC).

I-Path students remain willing to share and collaborate, and absorb the insights from their peers. These interprofessional collaborative efforts are key in problem solving, and creating change by giving fresh perspective to the multiple levels of healthcare.

I-PATH Field Experience

The I-PATH project provides graduate students in nursing, dietetics and public health with interprofessional training to prepare for interprofessional collaborative practice.

Students work in teams that approach prevention at the population level as well as patient-centered care at the individual and family level. The I-PATH teams address primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and care coordination for individuals with chronic illnesses and provide care coordination and interventions at all three levels of prevention for patients in several pre-identified clinical sites:

  • outpatient dialysis unit in an underserved area
  • family practice clinics in underserved areas
  • and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council.

Students utilize technology to record and disseminate their project outcomes. Projects are reviewed by faculty and posted on the I-PATH public web-site. Students receive certification in interprofessional collaborative practice which facilitates opportunities for students to serve as future team leaders, role models and mentors for inter-professional collaborative practice. The I-PATH field experience is generally offered every spring and fall semester to students enrolled in the Loyola graduate degree programs: Nursing, Dietetics, and Public Health. The I-PATH field experience allows students to complete part or all of their practicum.